About Anne Cate

Anne Cate’s skyline products are inspired by the excitement, passion and adventure felt when a city skyline comes into view.  Founded in 2015, the Anne Cate Collection, which now features 60+ hand designed skylines, animates your adventures of cities around the word!

At Anne Cate, we believe there is beauty in simplicity.  Each of our unique and classic skyline designs is ensured to bring out the best meanings, memories, and moments from your favorite city.






About the Process

All products are completely made by hand in small batches in Cleveland, Ohio with the help of Esperanza Threads: a Cleveland-based manufacturer that seeks to improve the lives of individuals with barriers to employment through sewing training.



About Anne

Anne is a full time college student at Kent State University and a Cleveland girl with a passion for creating through and through. She finds inspiration in all things Audrey Hepburn and loves every chance she gets to explore a city (New York is her favorite, aside from Cleveland). When she is not working on Anne Cate or studying for a test, most of her free time is spent crafting, running, and appreciating the simple things in life. 



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