Quarantine DIY Kit: Skyline Crayon Art

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Make quarantine fun and adventurous with our new DIY craft kits! Introducing the Skyline Crayon Art kit. Brighten your day with this fun crayon art craft.

Parental guidance is advised for children under 10.

-1 Skyline Vinyl Sticker Motif
-24 pack of Crayola crayons
-1 clear Elmer’s glue bottle
-1 8x10 canvas
-A blow dryer
-Old box
-Old newspaper
-credit card or gift card

HOW-TO VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqseZoW9Fvg&t=2s


  1. PREP: Begin by laying down old newspaper around about 5 x 5 feet. Place the canvas in the middle of the newspaper.
  2. GLUE THE CRAYONS: Remove the crayons from the container and arrange the 24 crayons in the color variation you prefer on the top part of the canvas. Be sure to have the crayon top facing down and the crayon bottom lined up with the top edge of the canvas.

    The way you arrange your colors will affect how the art turns out – be creative! Once you have the arrangement of your crayons, pick up each crayon from Left to Right and squeeze a line of glue on the crayon. Place the glued crayon back on the canvas.

    Allow the glue to dry for an hour.
  3. STICK ON YOUR SKYLINE: Once the glued crayons have dried, the next step is to place the vinyl skyline sticker on the canvas. Before removing the sticker back, line the skyline motif sticker up with the bottom of the canvas. The skyline sticker will fall off the page about ½ inch on each side. THIS IS NORMAL. Having excess on the sides will allow the crayon to cover the entire skyline. When you have visualized your placement, remove the sticker back and place the sticker on the canvas, lining the bottom of the sticker with the bottom of the canvas.
  4. FLATTEN YOUR STICKER: To ensure your sticker is completely smooth with the canvas, take a credit card or gift card and run the card over the sticker at a 45-degree angle and with pressure. From side to side, run the credit card over the sticker to tightly press the sticker to the canvas. Over the more detail-oriented parts of the skyline, run the card up from bottom to top.
  5. BLOW DRY TIME: Grab your old box and prop your canvas up in the box. The canvas should be at a 45-60-degree angle resting in the box. The box will also help limit the mess. NOTE: as the crayons begin melting, they may splatter, and the wax may be hot. The box will aid in preventing the splatter.

    Turn your blow dryer on the hottest, most powerful setting and begin blow drying the crayons. Do not touch the blow dryer to the crayons. Move the blow dryer back and forth of the 24 crayons to begin heating up the wax. It may take up to 5 minutes until you see the crayons begin to drip.

    Once you begin to see the crayons melting, have fun and be creative! The wax will begin to drip faster as the crayons get hotter. Use the blow dryer to control the direction you want your wax to go to; allow the colors to blend and melt.
  6. COVER THE WHITE AREA: In order to get the best silhouette of your skyline, melt the crayons as much as to cover the entire white space in between the skyline vinyl sticker and the crayons. Minimizing the white area in the middle of the canvas will give you the best silhouette image.
  7. ALLOW CANVAS TO DRY: Once you are satisfied with how your crayons melted, take the canvas out of the box and place it in a safe place to dry. Allow the canvas to dry for 30 minutes.
  8. REMOVE VINYL STICKER: Lastly, as the wax is dry, remove the vinyl sticker. Start at the bottom left corner and slowly pull the sticker up and over.
  9. ENJOY AND SHARE: Your canvas is complete! Share your colorful creation with us at @annecate. Stay creative and adventurous.


WARNING: Crayon wax can get hot and be messy. Anne Cate is not liable for any injuries from kit. Not suitable for children under 10. Parent supervision is recommended.

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