Social Media Boutique Marketing Intern - Summer 2021

Anne Cate
Accessories Brand and Manufacturing Firm


Anne Cate is a Made in America accessories brand and manufacturer specializing in skyline silhouette purses and other simplistic accessories. Founded in 2016, the Anne Cate skyline collection, which now features over 100 hand-designed skylines, animates your adventures of cities around the world. Places impact people - places we visit, places we leave, and places to which we come home. To our customers, our products are more than just a purse or a pillow; they tell a story, a story that is unique to each person. At Anne Cate, we strive to craft simplistic accessories of high quality and value that hold meaning to each customer.

Alongside retailing directly on her website, Anne Cate sells in over 80 stores around the world, such as the Art Institute of Chicago and Uncommon Goods and works with corporate clients such as Hulu.

All products are completely handmade in small batches at our manufacturing studio in Cleveland, Ohio. Each product is created using ethically sourced, high-quality materials. Quality and community are most important to us.



Have a passion for creativity and branding? Learn all aspects of fashion entrepreneurship at Anne Cate. This position will be significantly focused on marketing our small business and bringing new ideas to the table. Intern will be responsible for creating content,  managing social media channels, building a marketing plan, creating Reels and TikToks and driving sales at Anne Cate. Must be skilled in creating unique content with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva. Must be familiar with social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. 

Must be flexible and hours will vary per week. Remote work an option. 1-2 days a week. No weekends or holidays. $8.55/hour. Can be used for internship credit, as well.


  • Creating unique content for social media
  • Co-managing social media pages
  • Finding unique ways to grow follow
  • Planning content calendar for month
  • Creating Tiktok’s and Reels for business
  • Reaching out on with other social media pages to collaborate
  • Planning photoshoots


  • Creative mindset
  • Ambitious
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Organized
  • Energetic and excited to work with a startup
  • Flexibility
  • Familiar with social media channels
  • Skilled in making Tiktoks’ and Reels
  • Skilled in Photoshop and Illustrator

To Apply:

Send resume and short email to Anne: