Part Time Production Sewist

Anne Cate is a made in America accessories boutique specializing in simplistic accessories, specifically skyline silhouette purses and pillows. Anne Cate’s skyline products are inspired by the excitement, passion and adventure felt when a city skyline comes into view.  Founded in 2016, the Anne Cate skyline collection, which now features 85+ hand designed skylines, animates your adventures of cities around the word! 

At Anne Cate, we believe there is beauty in simplicity.  Each of our unique and classic skyline designs is ensured to bring out the best meanings, memories, and moments from your favorite city. All products are completely handmade in small batches in Cleveland using sustainable and quality materials, all sourced in the US. Quality and community are most important to us. Every product is more than just a purse or pillow: it is a story.

At Anne Cate, we design, manufacture, and fulfill all orders at our studio space outside of Cleveland. Our production studio is located in the historic Matchworks building in Mentor OH. 


Production sewers at Anne Cate sew and assemble our range of eco canvas and faux leather products. Our sewing team creates high quality purses and pillows by having attention to the details while operating in an efficient manner. Production sewers will work on batch sewing 50+ products at a time. Must be flexible and hours will vary per week.


  • Maintain the highest level of quality during machine sewing
  • Focuses on efficiency
  • Develops a sense of detail for all steps of construction
  • Work as a team player to effectively assemble and construct products
  • Develop a comfort ability adjusting machine tension
  • Regular maintenance of all sewing machines
  • Supports existing systems, structure, and cleanliness of studio, while adding new systems as the team and brand grows


  • Sewing experience (2 years minimum). Manufacturing or production experience a plus
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Organized
  • Energetic and excited to work with a startup
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to sew multiple layers of fabric
  • Ability to apply zippers and hardware
  • Ability to run and maintain all INDUSTRIAL sewing machines
  • Ability to note a proper stitch/tension and make necessary adjustments
  • Ability to use a rotary cutter
  • Ability to use industrial iron

Very flexible with scheduling. 1-2 days a week. No weekends or holidays. Independently Contracted. Must be flexible. Hours will vary from 4-16 hours/week.

To apply, send resume and a short email to: