What one purchase at Anne Cate enables - Proud to be Made in the USA!


Every Fourth of July, we love to shed light on our purse manufacturing processes. We are proud to manufacture each and every product in the USA.


Local Jobs!

Although this is a clear positive, for every dollar spent at a small
business in the U.S., approximately
67 cents stays in the local community. That's a lot of money that you are contributing back to the community!

We have employed 9 wonderful hardworking women over the last four years at Anne Cate and hope to continue to grow this number as our business grows.

Economic Profits!

Choosing to support Anne Cate and Made in America pays off - literally!

Manufacturing adds great value to the power of the U.S. economy. Every dollar spent in manufacturing adds $2.74 to the economy, including retailing, transportation, and business services.

National B2B Impact!

What is involved in one purchase from Anne Cate? Sure, it is sewn by the Anne Cate team...but there is much more than is supported within one bag. You impact us, which supports our supply chain. It is a partnership that one purse can truly impact.

-It starts with fabric! Each purse and pillow is printed by the yard in SC.
-Our zippers are only the best from YKK's plant in GA.
-Even the Made in the USA label is woven by the thousands in CA.
-Don't forget about shipping! Our mailer boxes and marketing materials are constructed and printed locally in OH.
We are proud to not only source our materials in a national, sustainable fashion - but to cut, sew, and fulfill each and every product ourselves as well in the USA.

As simple as a skyline purse or pillow may be, your support impacts an incredible amount of individuals - at Anne Cate and BEYOND!

Questions about our manufacturing processes? Contact us! We are happy to share more and open our studio doors for you to see our processes first hand.

Have a great and happy Fourth of July!

-Anne and the Anne Cate team

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