Introducing Production Intern Mattney Yates

Mattney Yates

Age: 19

Production Intern

Welcome back everyone!

This week we are introducing Mattney Yates! Mattney is 19 years old and has just finished up her sophomore year at Kent State University. She is a Fashion Design major and is one of Anne Cate’s Manufacturing Interns for the summer.

Mattney grew up in Columbus, OH and became interested in fashion through fitness. She enjoys running, but often found that her running clothes never quite fit exactly the way she wanted (the struggle is real). One day, she decided that instead of putting up with it, she was going to change it. From then on she became interested in clothing alteration and fitting things to her body type.

This interest in design and alteration brought her to Kent State University. She has spent the last two years working towards her Fashion Design degree in Kent. However, Mattney will be studying abroad all of next year! She will be in New York City in the fall, and then in Florence, Italy during the spring.

Mattney’s favorite city is New York City and she cannot wait to be immersed in the everyday hustle and bustle of the city. As of right now, she is not entirely certain of where she would like to end up after graduation, but she is interested in Los Angeles, New York City, and maybe returning back home to Columbus. Regardless, this next year is going to be filled with travel, fun, and adventure!

No matter where she ends up, she plans to work for a brand that not only empowers women, but is ethical, and sustainable! She loves brands like Patagonia that make it their goal to create quality products that are meant to last! One day she hopes to take on the entrepreneurial route and maybe even start her own business!

Mattney has always loved fitness and particularly loved running and yoga! She also really enjoys expressing her creative side through drawing and other art forms. Since day one Mattney has been eager to learn and brings such a positive energy to the Anne Cate studio!

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