12 Days of Anne Cate (8) 8 Hard People to Shop for Made Easy with Anne Cate

We all have those people who are ENDLESSLY hard to shop for. I have spent hours on Amazon and Etsy scrolling through products just to end up with no gift. Anne Cate has the perfect gift for those hard people to shop for. 

1. Teacher. Gift your teacher a mini purse and fill it with candy or a gift card. Something small, but still meaningful and unique. $10. 

2. The Friend you see 3 times a year (1 being a time to exchange gifts). Gift her the mini purse with the skyline of her city! This gift shows you care, without breaking your budget. $10.

3. Daughter's Boyfriend. This one is a hard one! Gift your daughter's BF a large throw pillow. Unique and sure to bring a smile to his face (and appease your daughter). $35.

4. Neighbor. Get them a set of large throw pillows! These are so fun to decorate a simple house with or pull out for a game day party. Set of 2: $70.

5. Work Gift Exchange. Oh no - you got your boss in your work gift exchange! Look no further than annecate.com. Gift them a wristlet. Not too gaudy, not too expensive, and DEFINITELY will make all your other coworkers jealous! $25.

6. Sons Girlfriend. Not as hard as your daughter's boyfriend, but still a challenge! Gift her a wristlet. She'll love her new going-out purse of the city she once lived in. $25.

 7. Daughter's Roommate. This one is the easiest gift you will ever give. One of our most popular bags - the makeup bag - has been gifted hundreds of times to college girls around the world. This bag is not only cute, but great for the back and forth travels while away at college. $20.

8. Aunt. She is going to LOVE her new purse. Gift your aunt a weekender and enjoy the excitement she will have about her new bag for years to come. The weekender makes a great purse for all the daily adventures your aunt has. $45. 

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