12 Days of Anne Cate (6) 6 Anne Cate Facts

Today's 12 Days of Anne Cate are 6 facts you may not know about our small business.

1. Each of our 80+ skyline silhouettes have been hand designed. Because we have not been to all 80 cities (a girl can dream!!), we take inspiration from many various images. There are an infinite amount of angles of a skyline, so we work hard to design each skyline to be as accurate as possible, while combining the different angles of the skyline.

2. Anne is a 22 year old entrepreneur who graduated in May 2018 from Kent State's fashion program. She made the unconventional decision to pursue Anne Cate full time after college and has loved every second of the entrepreneurial roller coaster ever since. She is very grateful for the opportunity to pursue her dream so soon after graduating.

3. Anne Cate has been in business for 2 1/2 years. What started as one handmade skyline pillow for Anne's dorm room has transformed into a full functioning business.

4. We are Cleveland based and proudly Cleveland made. Everything is hand sewn here in CLE.

5. Each of the skylines are simply black and white for a reason. We believe there is beauty in simplicity and that the skyline design speaks for itself. The name of the skyline has not been printed on each bag intentionally. The skylines are designed to be as depictive and unique as possible so that the person receiving the product will instantly know it's their city (without having the city name printed on it).

6. Anne has been a creative entrepreneur since 13, when she opened her first Etsy store. She would sell handmade bracelets, canvas totes, and painted wall decals. Although it was small, a passion and dream for small business was founded at a young age.

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